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VideoPlex4 creates individually shaped videowalls

The VideoPlex4 4K Video Wall Controller is a stand-alone display wall controller that enables users to create individually shaped wall designs for displaying real-time video across four or more screens.

It can input Ultra HD resolution images and output them via DVI or analogue RGB. Output resolution and frame rate do not need to be related to the input. The entire image can be reproduced, or cropped regions of the image can be shown on each screen. The VideoPlex4 will optionally upscale and convert frame rates to each cropped region independently. Each output can also be freely mirrored or rotated to support creative mixes of landscape and portrait monitors.

By enlarging video across several screens in a way that compensates for gaps between displays, the VideoPlex4 also creates natural, distortion-free videowalls.

As a modular, appliance-based system, it offers the advantages of quick setup with stability for 24/7 applications. There is no need to install any software on source equipment, just plug in the source devices and begin configuring the matrix of screens using a client computer. It can be combined with other VideoPlex4 units to control and scale video on more than four screens.