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Televic reveals flushmount conference panels at ISE

Televic Conference is introducing the new Confidea-F range of Plixus-powered flushmount conference panels at ISE 2015. The company says that Confidea-F, which has been designed with flexibility and customisation in mind, fully benefits from Plixus’ audio processing and routing capabilities.

The new wear-resistant metal panels replace the TCS5500 range and All-in-One panels, which Televic says have become the industry standard over the years for high-end applications such as international institutions, parliaments and councils. With Plixus compatibility, the new Confidea-F is said to present a significant upgrade, allowing traditional audio conferencing set-ups to fully benefit from the advanced conference network technology.

Confidea-F has been designed for flush integration in furniture. The rounded corners make clean integration easier, according to Televic, when sunk perfectly flush into milled desktops. The dimensions of each of the Confidea-F variants have been shrunk to take a minimum amount of space.

The Confidea-F range has been designed in a modular fashion that the company believes offers a multitude of possibilities for combining and arranging functionality. The manufacturing process allows for custom finishing and screening.

“The introduction of Confidea-F is a logical step in our roadmap,” said Didier Rosez, product manager at Televic Conference. “What Plixus has to offer is so compelling that a transition to this conference network technology for our flushmount solutions is inevitable.”

Stand: 3-C125