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Teleport into customer offices with Teleportivity

Teleportivity’s Adam Gottlieb beside one of his company’s helpful support screens

A brand-new live video support system for AV integrators by Teleportivity is set to hugely improve customer helpdesk experiences.

The company has placed a number of screens around the ISE show, and visitors can touch them to be directly connected to a helpdesk – in this case, two people on the company’s stand. From there, they can be offered all kinds of support or information, such as way finding.

Founder and CEO Adam Gottlieb told the ISE Daily that the systems are already proving popular with big companies wanting to streamline their helpdesk access, since support teams will be able to connect directly to their system to help diagnose issues.

“Your human support team can now be available on-site, on-demand, instantly,” he continued. “One scenario in which the system can be used is by placing a QR code on every electronic device in a corporate environment. When a user needs help, they can use their phone to scan the code, and support staff on the other end can see which device they scanned and where they are, as well as diagnostic information. They can even ask to utilise the customer’s phone camera, so they can see, for example, if cables in the rear of the device are properly connected.”

Stand: 14-K145