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Taking control in an emergency

Taking pride of place on the RCS stand is the VARES ESC-012 A, a 2RU control centre for the RCS-Vares 1000 digital emergency warning system.

Compliant with VDE-O833-4, VDE-0828 and EN 60849, the unit is aimed at small and medium usage voice alarm setups.

It features a graphical user interface with adjustable colour scheme. During any alarm incident the display will flash red. The password-protected menu interface features a digital rotary encoder.

Installation is handled easily via the LCD GUI, with all connected auxiliary components being scanned and registered automatically.

Speaker lines can be configured as 12 single or six A/B lines for increased security. A mix of single and redundant line setups for custom scenarios is possible. Two line level inputs of different priority levels can be used for various tasks, like background music distribution or paging via a telephone system.

The internal digital message memory (based on an SD card) is equipped with an evacuation announcement, a siren according to DIN 33404 and two different chimes (one tone and four tones).

Any faulty power amplifiers in the system are detected and replaced by the backup amplifier automatically.

A logging function stores all system conditions on non-volatile memory in case of any technical failure. The generated protocol can be viewed immediately or sent to a printer.