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Surface is alternative to whiteboard

Austrian manufacturer of presentation technology systems and solutions WolfVision is demonstrating the VZ-C6 Ceiling Visualizer in use together with the new XXL size dry-erase working surface at ISE 2015. These new re-writable working surfaces offer a 920 x 520mm dry-erase writing area, which is designed to be used as a digital alternative to a whiteboard or blackboard – with the important additional benefit that it can also be used for capturing handwritten notes when used as part of a lecture recording system.

Said to be particularly suitable for use in university mathematics and science lectures where large amounts of complex written detail often needs to be displayed in class, the company claims that these re-writable working surfaces provide considerable benefits. In lectures, there is now no need for the educator to turn away from the student audience in order to write on a blackboard in traditional fashion, and also none of the text is obscured while writing.

Normal sized writing is enlarged so that it easily fills the screen, and even those at the back of the class can read it without difficulty. Information is also not necessarily lost when the board is cleaned because all information can be easily recorded and saved for future use if required.

WolfVision dry-erasable working surfaces have already provided significant teaching value during their initial testing phase at selected universities worldwide, the company says, and they are now available as a standard accessory item for its Ceiling Visualizer and EYE Camera Systems.