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Smart control of electric devices

The Proxi family of products by new ISE exhibitor F&F Filipowski enables users to control electronic devices in the home or office directly from a smartphone. Proxi consists of dedicated modules for required functionalities such as power, light, shade and gate and enables users to control any device with a smartphone application.

Garage doors, old lamps or shades can be navigated in a single app thanks to Proxi radio modules, which turn existing appliances into smart products. A simple installation inside the electrical housing of any device means that costly and disruptive building works can be avoided and a traditional electrical system can quickly be transformed into an intelligent one.

Proxi radio modules are based on Seed technology and use Bluetooth Smart communication protocol to connect a device directly to the smartphone.

When the user enters a room, the application will automatically know which devices are present. Devices can also be configured and users can be managed directly from the application. It allows for creating public or private modes, enabling the user to decide who access is shared with.

A combination of Proxi radio modules and Proxi plug means users don’t have to make changes to add connectivity to the home or office, but can instead retrofit spaces and become a part of an ecosystem of connected devices.