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Six-lamp projector debuts

Making its worldwide debut at ISE 2015 is the new Christie Boxer 4K30 projector. Featuring three-chip DLP technology, it uses six 450W mercury lamps to deliver 30,000 lumens of brightness at 4K native resolution. According to Christie, 200 units had already been ordered prior to its official release – and the day before the show opened Christie announced that publitec had added 40 of the new projectors to its rental range.

The Boxer 4K30 is designed for rental, staging and fixed installation applications including concerts, amusement parks, projection mapping projects, museums, planetariums and more. It can be carried by two individuals, says Christie.

Housed in two three-lamp cartridges, the six long-life mercury lamp modules are said to be easy to handle, maintain, change and stock, which, according to Christie, means a better return on investment and fewer consumables. Users can monitor the lamp hours and serial numbers through Near Field

Communication (NFC) with each lamp, simplifying the effort required to track lamp-life and the ability to make fast changeovers. Users can also monitor lamp-life levels using a smartphone.

“The brightness-to-size and brightness-to-weight ratios of the Boxer 4K30 is second-to-none at this lumen level of projector – which translates to not only the lightest projector at 30,000 lumens, but also reduced shipping costs and on-site handling,” said Mike Garrido, Christie’s senior product manager for the Christie Boxer.

“This Boxer 4K30 and the Boxer Series are about helping our customers to win more bids, more repeat business, earning more money per project and satisfying the needs of their most demanding clients.”