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Showcasing RTI NANO and PIKO lasers

The newly released RTI NANO RGB 30 show laser system with ‘10-10-10’ ultra white-balanced setup is on show at the HB-Laserkomponenten stand. Specially designed for customers that require professional quality, the new 10-10-10 setup is said to assure a nearly equal power distribution over all colour sources: above 10W/638nm, above 10W/530nm and above 10.4W/450nm.

Alongside a guaranteed 28W output power after aperture, it provides a white balance with good beam specifications of only 6mm/<1.0mrad (full angle). Coherent Taipan OPSL modules are integrated as a green colour source.

The RTI NANO RGB 30 works with CT-6215HP scanning systems and original CT Big Boy drivers. The small scanning mirrors are said to provide a reduced inertia and offer better scanning speeds of 60kpps at 8° and a maximum scan angle of 60° with still 30kpps.

The whole setup fits in the waterproof NANO housing, which allows remote control thanks to a detachable touch pad.

Also on show is the new RTI PIKO RGB 11 Pure Diode show laser system. It’s understood that for this new product, RTI guarantees an output power of 10W RGB after aperture. This show laser light is equipped with diode laser sources only, to ensure good linear colour fading behaviour.

It’s aimed at professional projections and smooth beam shows. With its compact PIKO housing, the PIKO RGB 11 PD is suitable for touring applications and rentals as well as fixed installations. The PIKO RGB 11 PD also comes with detachable remote control touch pad for easy remote configuration of the laser system.