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Secure wireless sharing from Lifesize

Employees want to connect and communicate as easily at work as they do at home, and in order for business leaders to nurture that need, it’s important to enable people to use the modern tools that help them do their best work.

But how do businesses enable meeting spaces that support BYOD policies without complicating the way teams meet with unnecessary cords, specialty connectors and frantic last-minute IT tickets? With wireless presentation and content sharing, everyone has an easy and consistent way to meet and collaborate, regardless of what device they might be using. No more relearning how to connect to a meeting room every time you enter the door, no more software and hardware compatibility issues, no more ‘dongles’ and no more excuses not to meet.

With 32.4 million huddle rooms and 58.8 million mid- to large-sized conference rooms worldwide, the need to equip meeting rooms with a modern presentation-sharing solution that supports BYOD policies is critically important. Internet-based wireless presentation sharing has emerged as an ideal collaboration solution to modernise meeting spaces and overcome the BYOD diversity and complexity challenges that get in the way of meeting productivity. Wireless presentation solutions are designed to eliminate frustrations and wasted time associated with missing, broken and incorrect cables in meeting rooms; empower users to seamlessly share content (presentations, spreadsheets, streaming video, static images, etc) in high-definition from their own device; contribute to an uncluttered conference table; and provide enterprise-class security, management and scale that consumer-grade products do not support.

Enter Lifesize Share, a secure wireless sharing solution that connects to a device via ultrasonic pairing and makes it easy to share screens, stream a video and upload files right from a browser. Plug-and-play setup with centralised management and automatic feature updates make it easy to deploy, and standards-based interoperability makes it suitable for connecting to a Lifesize conference room system or any other third-party video solution.

Stand: 11-D150