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Screen Innovations: goodbye to traditional masking

Claimed by the company to be the first and only non-masking, masking system projection screen, the Transformer is being launched by Screen Innovations at ISE.

The company says that users can wave good-bye to traditional masking systems and the pitfalls that go along with them: bulky size, long installation, and no sex appeal. Using Screen Innovations’ telescoping frame design, Transformer is said to transform its frame size, rather than covering the screen surface and sacrificing viewing area. When the video source’s aspect changes, the screen simply changes size on the fly (requires additional programming in existing automation) with the same look and feel of a traditional projection screen. The screen’s frame size never changes, Screen Innovations says: it just magically changes aspect ratio, for a presentation that can be considered for use not only in theatres but in multipurpose rooms as well.

Transformer can, according to the company, be installed in less than 30 minutes compared with an entire day for most systems. It will be available during the current quarter.

Stand: 1-P58