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Saying yes to the magic

Chinese LED screen manufacturer Yestech has provided LED screens for more than 18 years for many international events. The company’s latest product range, the Magic stage series, is being demonstrated at ISE.

The upgraded MG6S Pro (P2.84/3.9/4.8) has added hardware cooling to optimise the display. Upgraded LEDs have also been installed to enhance durability. The MG6S P2.84 has adopted a modular design and improved safety and stability. The display offers 18-bit greyscale and optimum image realisation, says the company.

The indoor/outdoor MG7S P3.9 Pro boasts increased anti-pressure and anti-collision factors, with multiple function use in various shapes. Safe performance is a key focus, with no deformation under pressure when used as a dance floor, while the heat conduction balance system spreads heat uniformly, so prolonging its lifespan. 

The Magic Stage Creative Extension series, MG11(right-angle), MG12(triangle), MG13 (sector), MG14 (triangle) and MG15 (rectangle) can be combined with the Magic Stage Series by connectors to achieve various creative shapes. Aimed at the shopping mall and event industry to add creativity to commercial applications, the series features efficient derig and module management to help resolve any issues.