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RTS targets open AoIP

The RTS Odin digital intercom can deliver up to 128 channels of IP networking

The RTS Odin digital intercom matrix, which can be seen on the Bosch stand at ISE 2020, delivers up to 128 channels of Dante, AES67 and up to 16 channels of RVON compatible audio over IP as well as analogue connectivity in a single rack unit, giving users a variety of IP options to choose from. On top of this, the new SMPTE ST 2110-30 standard is also supported. 

With the variety of networking standards currently competing for attention for IP-based intercom communications, it is very easy for communications professionals to become locked into one specific ecosystem. The only way to avoid this risk is to use products that are flexible enough to work with any major networking standard. 

RTS says that in keeping with the principles of ‘forward thinking and backwards compatibility’, Odin can integrate into the most sophisticated, large-scale intercom operations. According to the company this extends the value of the initial investment, while also providing a path for system expansion for smaller users who want to upgrade existing RTS systems to the latest technologies.