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The third generation of Audio-Technica’s 5000 Series frequency-agile true diversity UHF wireless systems has made its European debut at ISE 2018.

“This is the big push this year for Audio-Technica,” said Tim Page, marketing manager EMEA, speaking to the ISE Daily yesterday. “These new systems have a lot more features than previous generations. We’ve waited quite a while for these products to come through, so we’re really excited to show it here in Europe for the first time.”

The receiver has been updated with a tuning bandwidth of 230MHz; 470–700MHz and users now have the option of selecting a standard receiver with two balanced XLR outputs (ATW-R5220) or a receiver that also includes a Dante output (ATW-R5220DAN).

“There are six interchangeable microphone capsules, so you can really change the sound quality of the microphone to whatever you prefer. It’s up to the user’s taste,” added Page.

“The belt-packs are rechargeable, which is quite a nice feature and there’s also a ‘secret’ feature: you tune in, and once your connection is established, you can specify a second frequency as backup. In case there’s suddenly a lot of interference, you can just press a button and switch over in a couple of seconds, so you don’t lose any sound quality.”

Other new features include an antenna cascade output that connects up to eight receivers so a single pair of antennas can feed up to 16 channels of wireless (these connectors also provide an RF cable check feature to aid in troubleshooting), and an auto squelch feature that automatically adjusts the setting to maximise operating range while minimising potential interference.

“This is really a high-end live touring system. With the 5000, you can customise it as you wish; if you don’t need belt packs, it doesn’t matter – just use the microphones. You pick and choose what you need.

“For us it’s quite a strategic product. We want to get into the touring industry and get on the road with artists, and it’s going to be a really nice product to help us do that.”