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Prysm showcases extensions to Visual Workplace

Demonstrating its newly-announced compatibility with third party hardware, Prysm is showcasing its Visual Workplace, a cloud-based platform. Concurrently, the company is launching Live Source Streaming, Quick Start and Wireless Screen Sharing at ISE 2017.

Live Source Streaming allows all participants using Prysm Visual Workplace, no matter where they are located or what device they are using, to view and manipulate all live sources displayed in a common workspace. By utilising a live source, an individual can quickly share device content, including BYOD connected devices, personal devices, in-room PC, videoconference system, Apple TV, document camera and security cameras.

Prysm Quick Start enables employees who do not yet have a Prysm account, or are guests in a room with a Prysm-enabled display, to access the Prysm Visual Workplace for immediate collaboration capabilities. While in Quick Start, participants can pair devices, sketch using a new sketchboard and share information using many of the capabilities of Prysm Visual Workplace. Quick Start provides users a fast entry point to Prysm Visual Workplace where they can quickly brainstorm and capture thoughts from an ad hoc meeting.

Wireless Screen Sharing allows users to wirelessly display a laptop, tablet or mobile device to a Prysm display. In conjunction with Prysm Quick Start, the two capabilities are said to enable users to quickly collaborate on a wide variety of devices so their meetings – ad hoc or planned – can include content from all users who can easily and quickly join and contribute to a meeting.

Stand: 11-B130