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Pro Display spreads the light

The new optical material is designed specifically for ultra-short throw rear projection

ISE 2020 will see Pro Display featuring its largest-ever screen on the company’s stand, the 130in 4K Multi Touch Digital Glass Rear Projection Screen.

Pro Display’s new optical material forms the projection layer, offering what the company says is high brightness and unsurpassed contrast even in brightly lit environments. The technology is designed specifically for ultra-short throw rear projection, spreading the light evenly into each corner without creating hot spots.

Digital Glass provides an extremely robust solution for digital signage, high-end projection and large format edge blending, Pro Display claims. The polished edges of each panel enable multiple screens to be installed side-by-side, creating very large seamless screens – a genuine alternative, the company believes, to LCD videowalls and their unavoidable bezels. Digital Glass is also said to be more cost-effective at face value when compared to a similar-sized interactive video walldisplay made up with LCD screens – and with lower running and maintenance costs. By using Digital Glass, Pro Display points out, the only power demand is the projector.

The screen can also be supplied with interactivity as well as furnished with anti-glare properties and 3D compatibility using specialist manufacturing techniques and glass coatings.