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ISE 2016: Ashly Pema succeeds in EMEA

Networkable amplifiers are, according to Ashly EMEA sales manager Mike van der Logt, his company’s bread and butter, and its star product is currently, he said, the Pema matrix mixer, which has seen significant success in the EMEA region.

“There are a number of reasons for that,” said van der Logt. “First, the market is well aware of our 40-plus year history – and that stands for a great deal in the audio market. Second: perhaps strangely, it’s an advantage being an American manufacturer; the US is seen as having a valuable heritage in anything to do with music. Third is its versatility: the Pema pretty much does it all.”

“And lastly, it certainly helps that it is very competitively priced.”

According to Ashly, it’s possible to replace an entire rack of audio equipment with a single Pema. The unit is available as either 4- or 8-channel at 250W or 125W per channel. Any input can be assigned to any output or outputs. It is also a digital signal processor and has new features; gain sharing automatic microphone mixing, an automatic feedback suppressor, ambient noise detection and adjustment and a real-time clock with an event scheduler.

The Pema features what Ashly describes as an energy efficient Class-D amplifier topology with a switching power supply, and is said to be over 80% energy efficient out of the box.

Stand: 3-C111