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Paso’s calm voice in a crisis

Italian manufacturer Paso is presenting two new ranges of compact, wall-mounted voice evacuation systems, all EN54-16 and EN54-4 certified.

The PAW4500-VES range is specifically designed for ease of installation and for operating in a wide range of applications. Depending on the model these systems can manage up to six alarm zones via local controls, remote microphone station and controlled inputs.

Three models are available: the two-zone PAW4502-V for locations such as offices and meeting/conference halls, the four-zone PAW4504-V for cinemas, theatres and supermarkets, and the six-zone PAW4506-V, typically intended for hospitals, shopping malls and hotels.

Also on display is the brand new PAW3502-V, a compact, two-zone VES designed to be extra light.

Both ranges feature 500W audio and a 4.3in touch-screen back-lit display for alert and evacuation zone selection, levels adjustment, settings and failure visualisation. A fireman’s monitored microphone is included on the front panel, and there are seven monitored control inputs, each configurable to play evacuation and/or alert messages, programmable for each zone.

Pre-recorded evacuation and alert messages can be sent, and the emergency system can be operated with a secure, front-panel button complete with LED indicator.

Stand: 7-P210, 7-C205