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Opening Address gets ISE attendees talking

The eve of ISE 2018 saw the Opening Address delivered by Professor Carlo Ratti, director of the Senseable City Lab at MIT, who talked about how the Internet of Things is going to transform our cities as much as our homes. At the show’s Opening Reception, we asked attendees for their thoughts on his presentation

“Carlo Ratti was a great person to have for the opening address – I’ve followed his talks on YouTube. I like the way he thinks globally and the approach he takes to very big projects. He also really gets you to think about space, and how it mustn’t be wasted – whether it’s for office buildings or supermarket real estate. We need to be more efficient.”

Itzik Sagiv, CEO, e-wise, Israel

“I’ve been to every single ISE keynote ever and I think this was by far the best one. Most of the others have told us stuff we already know. He was opening our eyes to new concepts and new ideas.

“This is a systems integration show, and the presentation was all about systems, data and people and how it comes together in a very human-centric way. Not technology for the sake of it, but technology that improves the human condition. That’s what we, as systems integrators, need to be striving for.”

Peter Aylett, technical director, Archimedia Middle East

“The points he made about data was fascinating – and how we can start using it more effectively to analyse human activity – because that’s the challenge. We have a lot of data that we we gathering, but that we are not necessarily using to really solve things or find things out.”

Heidi Voorhees, COO, AVIXA

“The talk was interesting because it was about the user experience and building structures, and about how the use of sensors and technologies can change that experience. It gave us ideas on what we can do. It was an eye-opener for us.”

Chua Kok Liang, CTO, Keenmind Solutions, Malaysia

“It was interesting to learn the way he thought the world was evolving and how AI is going to play a growing part in our everyday lives – that is an area we all need to understand.”

Satyajith Ashokan, head of sales, Tablix, Dubai

“I really loved the keynote, it was one of the best I’ve heard since I started coming to ISE. It was about how big data is being used in the real world; everyone talks about gathering big data, but no one talks about how it can be used. It showed the direction we’re going in as an industry and where your company would fit in within that, but it’s all about basing it on the user experience.”

Shereen Edward, regional head of engineering and design, Archmedia, Egypt