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OLED screens get magical makeover

In a magical display of digital signage technology, LG is here at ISE with its latest OLED screens, with the innovative 55in Transparent OLED signage taking centre stage. Captivating visitors at the show, the Transparent OLED signage shows exactly what LG is renowned for; taking tech to the next level.

Commented Bram Haans, marketing manager, HE B2B Europe, at LG Electronics, on the Transparent OLED signage: “This is proof of concept, but it is production-ready and will be the catalogue later this year. However, this is the first time it’s been seen by the public.

It can be used on flat or curved transparent surfaces, so it could be used on revolving doors or signage installations; there are lots of possibilities. All these features are only possible because of the OLED technology. It’s very Minority Report!”

LG is also demonstrating a huge wall of screens displayed in curves and waves, the Open Frame OLED, demonstrating their capabilities in the form of the Canyon Attractor, comprised of 60 Open

Frame OLED displays in concave and convex configurations. These curved, flexible digital screens illustrate OLED’s customisable form factor and picture quality.

Nasser Malik, marketing, B2B IT solutions, at LG Electronics, stated: “These screens allow you to be more creative and less restricted in the area you hang the screens from. The 55in displays shown here at ISE are Full HD, or if you team four of them you can stream in 4K, plus the 6in Open Frame OLED displays are UHD.”

Malik added: “Being the largest show [of its kind] in Europe, ISE enables LG to show our customers and to show Europe our latest designs in cutting edge technology. We’re always coming out with innovative products and this show gives us the opportunity to show customers what we can do.”