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New VC520+ conferencing system offers plug and play

The new VC520+ Professional Video Conferencing System from AVer is being showcased at ISE, along with the announcement of the company’s Tri-Protocol support for the Orbit Series SVC100 Endpoint Video Conferencing System.

Combining high-quality camera functions with convenience, the VC520+ eliminates the need for a system hub by integrating video input/output ports into the camera and with AVer’s plug-and-play feature installation can be done through a single USB connector.

The VC520+ is further capable of providing Full HD video resolution and connecting to cloud-based conferencing software for unified communications between endpoints.

“AVer’s pursuit to enhance collaboration and improve the conference room experience are fully demonstrated in our new VC520+,” announced AVer’s VP of smart industry business unit, Kings Wang.

“The VC520+ brings users unique quality-of-life features that help simplify and improve the overall video conferencing experience and we are proud to introduce the VC520+ to the Unified Communications market.”

Also, AVer Tri-Protocol support allows for Skype for Business, SIP, and H.323 protocol connections providing users with endless collaborative communication possibilities.

With Tri-Protocol support, the SVC100 is capable of receiving, sharing, and streaming content across all connection protocols.

“The freedom to communicate no matter what platform or protocol is being used is extremely important in the current business environment. Loss of productivity due to incompatible video conferencing protocols is a major hindrance to effective team communication and management,” added Wang.

“The new AVer Tri-Protocol for the Orbit Series SVC100 allows for more flexibility in an organisation’s communication networks and helps to reduce the technical complication that can arise from incompatible protocols.”