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New Artcoustic subs and speakers for stylish home entertainment

Two subwoofers, a soundbar and a monitor speaker are being launched by Artcoustic Loudspeakers at ISE.

The IWS-10 In-Wall Subwoofer incorporates Artcoustic’s in house designed Vario-Air-Compression Technology (VACT) bass system. The company claims that this and a low profile, anti-resonant baffle design, helps provide powerful and clean bass, with low distortion, within a small installation space.

The 200W IWS-10 Subwoofer delivers bass for 2.1 channel multi-room and hi-fi applications and fixed installations in general. Employing one 10in woofer, capable of reproducing low frequency signals down to 35Hz.

The IWS-10 subwoofer is ideal for use in high-end installations where sound quality is paramount. For larger rooms, or where a higher SPL is required, multiple units can be used.

The PS4 Professional Subwoofer is a multi-drive unit coupled, high sound pressure level and very low f6 point (25Hz) 400W model. The PS4 can be used as a single subwoofer for typical sub-sat applications, or as a more powerful stackable solution, catering for larger cinema installations and the high output club and public address scene.

The new HSPL SoundBar SL Multi Soundbar SL is a high sound pressure level version of the traditional Artcoustic Soundbar. The company says it has been specially designed and engineered for large format LED and non-perforated projection screens and for application where very high sound pressure levels are required.

The Elevate SL multi-purpose monitor comes in floor standing or wall hanging options, designed for use in smaller rooms for home cinema or hi-fi, as well as being designed for use in multi-room applications. The 80W Elevate SL has also been optimised for Dolby Atmos horizontal listening heights.

Stand: 5-U94