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More than just hot air

With more than 20 years of experience, The Airscreen Company manufactures and distributes inflatable movie screens for pop-up cinemas, film festivals, drive-in cinemas, sport events and many more occasions.

The newest addition to the company’s product line, the Airscreen nano, offers a 3m x 1.7m projection surface and weighs 20kg, while the frame takes just 60 seconds to inflate. This means it can be carried by just one person. It comes with a fixing system and a handheld blower for the inflation; since the nano is completely sealed, a permanent running blower is not needed.

The company told the ISE Daily that its philosophy is “to bring great movies to unique and beautiful locations around the world.” As opposed to just selling screens and technical equipment, the company “offers longstanding expertise and excellent customer service, to facilitate the unique experience of watching a movie under the stars.”