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More than an LED display

With three functions in one – delivering an LED panel, stage lights and the ability to twist, turn and rotate – Huasuny’s innovative X series LED displays are a perfect combination of creative and fully flexible options.

Jack Bai, sales manager at Huasuny said: “The live event stage is full of all kinds of equipment such as light, sound and videos and there is an increasing demand for more creative display applications. We have created an integrated solution of moving LED panel plus stage lighting called the X Series. This is displayed on our stand in one vast wall of many moving X Rover Pro modules.

The integrated video, lighting and movement display can deliver some of the best visual content on stage.”

Assembled and dismantled quickly and easily, the lightweight indoor panels are available in 2.9mm and 3.9mm resolutions, while the outdoor LED panels are available in a variety of pixel pitches of 3.9mm through to 5.9mm and are IP65 compliant.

Panels can be swapped in and out of a large display within seconds to ensure reliable content display. A multi-function integrated display, the X Rover Pro is targeted at rental markets.