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Making waves with flexible ID-AL products

Designing and manufacturing a range of audio and video units, as well as accessories, under the ID-AL brand since 2002, Waves Systems’ ID-AL products are created to meet the requirements of interactive exhibits and installations within museums, heritage centres, entertainment areas, public spaces and audio marketing.

This year at ISE, Waves is showcasing the MicroPlayer mkII and the NanoPlayer box for autoplay or triggered playback, together with the ChronoPlayer, which features a scheduler.

The EventPlayer, an audio player combined with a show controller and designed for non-stop operation is also on display. The EventPlayer controls all the actions of a show in perfect synchronisation with the audio.

Part of the ID-AL audio range is dedicated to background music; standalone devices for a smart and diversified audio playback with the ability to manage audio messages. The My Music Player range can also be remotely controlled and updated.

A full HD video player is also featured at the Waves stand. The amplified video player allows users to render audio and video from a USB flash drive or SD card.

This range is composed of four models, while the Ethernet connection is just one of the specifications available that allows users the ability to remotely update the content to be displayed from any computer system.