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Magic Stage LED displays

The Magic Stage series by LED display specialist Yes Tech is on show, including the MG5 series indoor P3.9, outdoor P5.9 and P10.4 products and the MG6A series indoor P4.8 product.

These series offer the benefits of a standardised design method, where the MG2, MG5 and MG6 can be compatible with seven, 12 and five modules respectively.

Magic Stage can be used for fixing or hanging as well as for dancefloor installations or sports displays. It can reach a hanging height of up to 10m, with low truss requirements. Its cabinet size of 70mm makes it a light product, which can in turn reduce the cost of the truss.

The series can be installed in various creative shapes such as curve, dislocation, or character-oriented installation. It’s designed for quick installation and fast maintenance, disassemble and replacement.