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LCDs can be resized without harm

LCD screens come in all shapes and sizes these days, thanks to resizing LCD panels, which are cut from larger panels. Advances in technology mean that cutting LCD panels does not compromise quality or performance. At ISE 2018, Display Solutions is showing the Litemax SSD5197-INU, a 51.9in resizing LCD with a 16:4.4 aspect ratio.

The display has been produced by cutting a third off the top of a 65in LCD panel. According to the company, this delivers a ‘sharp, clear screen that can be viewed in bright sunlight’.

Display Solutions commercial manager Brendan O’Reilly said: “The product is designed for outdoor use – for example, in a train station, where it could run 24/7. The mean time between failures for this panel is 100,000 hours. For most products of this type, it’s more like 50,000-60,000 hours, so it’s a significant step up and means that the display should run for years.”