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ISE 2018, Day 1 (Feb 6): Must attend events

Before ISE 2018 began, we asked some attendees to pick out a session from today’s AVIXA, CEDIA and Show Floor Theatre programmes that spoke to them. Here’s what they said

Before ISE 2018 began, we asked some attendees to pick out a session from today’s AVIXA, CEDIA and Show Floor Theatre programmes that particularly spoke to them. Here’s what they chose

Anthony Brennan, research analyst at Futuresource Consulting, recommends:

Enabling the Display Collaboration Network: Transforming Independent Displays into a Shared Communications Infrastructure

Presenter: Christopher Jaynes, CTO and founder, Mersive Technologies

12:30-13:00: AVIXA Unified Communications Solutions Theatre

Price: Free to attend

Session description: 

In this talk, we’ll examine:

• Impacts on meeting culture, including pop-up meetings, and content-driven collaboration

• Integration of the display network with other AV room systems

• How enterprise display networks have become a critical component in the larger UCC space

• Changes in management practices as displays move from AV devices to IT infrastructure

Brennan says:

“As workplaces have continued to evolve, collaboration has grown in importance. With more people working from home, the growth of huddle spaces, high demand for BYOD in meeting rooms, and the requirement for platforms that support a multi-channel communications environment, the market for collaborative meeting room displays is greater than ever. This talk offers an opportunity to learn more about the technologies which are fundamentally altering the landscape of the meeting room and influencing our ever-changing work habits.”

Bob Snyder, content chairman of the Smart Building Conference, recommends:

Converged Networks & What It Means to Pro-AV

Presenter: Graeme Harrison, executive vice president, Biamp Systems

12:30–12:50, Stand 13-N110 (AVIXA FlashTrack)

Price: Free to attend

Session description: 

The pro-AV industry is currently evolving how we relate to and deliver on IT’s needs and expectations around the network. Therefore, it’s important to define the term ‘converged network’ and understand what this really means and how it impacts the pro-AV industry – including what the effects are in how we design and implement networked AV solutions.

Snyder says:

“There’s nothing more important than learning as much as you can about the backbone that holds us all together. Don’t be lulled into thinking you know what ‘converged network’ means. The rise of social media, IoT, big data, the cloud and mobile technology are transforming networks – and what they can do for us. If you presume everything will be in the cloud with a strong and stable fat pipe between the cloud and the edge device, you’ll be amazed by mesh networks which process or store critical data locally – at the network’s edge.

“Graeme’s a great presenter, a thinking man’s man – and this session needs that level of thinking.”

Jordi Garcia, of Spanish residential integrator Domo-Sapiens recommends

New Technologies Update 2018

Presenter: Dave Pedigo, senior director of learning and emerging technologies, CEDIA

16:00-17:30, Room D201 (presented by CEDIA)

€140 (included in CEDIA Pass and SUPERPASS)

Session description: 

“With consumers rapidly increasing their expectations and knowledge related to technology, home technology professionals must understand current and future technology trends. This course will offer a look at the speed at which new technologies become popular, and break down the most prevalent residential technology trends that are happening right now, as well as their future impact on home technology professional and their prospective clients.”

Garcia says:

“As an integrator and CEDIA member it is always important to know and understand not only the current but also the future technology trends. In our opinion it is important to give to our clients the vision of what is coming in order to consolidate and strengthen our relationship with them. We must be prepared for the future and we cannot ignore the trends in our business. The clients trust us, and we must return this confidence to them by explaining what the future will bring. For us, this session is a yearly must in the CEDIA education programme.”

Paddy Baker, editor of the ISE Daily and Installation, recommends:

CEDIA 2017 UK Size and Scope Study

Presenter: Jack Wetherill, principal analyst: home electronics, Futuresource Consulting

11:00-11:20, Stand 1-E10 (CEDIA Talk)

Price: Free to attend

Session description: 

Discover all the important insights from the CEDIA Size and Scope study, along with some key findings in the home electronics space. Find out what these outcomes and trends mean for your business in the coming year, and stay ahead of the competition.

Baker says:

“Compared with many other industries, professional AV installation suffers from a significant shortage of fundamental data about its size, scope and other key metrics. These kinds of studies are exceedingly useful for anyone seeking to understand how the industry functions, and the environment within which it operates – whether they work in the industry or alongside it. The research reports can also act as a calling-card for the industry in its outreach programmes. Associations such as CEDIA – and also AVIXA with its European IOTA study, to be presented at a FlashTrack session on Friday at 11:30 – are to be applauded for commissioning research into the marketplace. I’m sure this CEDIA Talk will provide plenty of food for thought as well as useful data.”