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ISE 2016: Bitvu launches Spark 4G signage player

New at ISE is Spark, a low-priced, full-spec 4G digital signage player by Bitvu. Rugged and compact, Spark enables the installation of digital signage in any location, without expensive cabling or broadband contracts, using Bitvu’s network meshing technology.

With Bitvu’s cloud-based ScreenSpace server, users can create and upload content from the comfort of their desk, with updates transmitted instantly by 4G to the Spark player wherever it is located in the world.

Bitvu’s network technology allows customers to create a group of screens that are served from a single Spark 4G device, relaying content via Wi-Fi or wired Ethernet to multiple connected screens. Each group can be configured as individual screens or combined into a video wall, providing good, affordable HD content.

Powered by USB, the installation process is simple and an integrated battery option keeps the player running during power outages and alerts the customer to site issues, such as a screen being inadvertently switched off.

Integrated iBeacon technology enables interaction with the content via Smartphone apps. Functions such as way-finding, ticketing or general notifications can be developed.