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ISE 2014: Tempest Lighting showcase new projector enclosures

The new Tempest Cyclone 8400 enclosure (pictured with a Christie 35K Roadie projector) can protect digital projectors outdoors from dust, water and other potentially harmful substances.

Tempest Lighting is presenting its new protective Blizzard and Cyclone enclosures for projectors at ISE 2014. The shells are able to protect digital projectors outdoors from dust, sand, salt, oil, water, snow, sleet or smoke, as well as from impact and theft.

The latest Cyclone Hush models can reduce projector noise to a whisper in a meeting room or classroom, without the need to build a projector booth. Tempest now has Hush enclosures for every application.

Using its Goldilocks system, the Tempest enclosures can eliminate overheating and condensation – the real enemy of delicate equipment outside – and are available in sizes for projectors from 3,000 – 40,000 lumens. It ensures that the environment around the projector is never too hot or too cold. “We never allow condensation to form,” said Tim Burnham, Tempest’s President. “Those are the keys to successful outdoor projection – and indoor noise attenuation too.

“We are protecting projectors North of the Arctic Circle and in desert locations like Dubai and Las Vegas. We even have enclosures right on the Boardwalk in Atlantic city where the projectors survived the full force of Hurricane Sandy without a scratch.”

For installations where access is limited, the enclosures can be fitted with a Tempest RDM interface for remote monitoring of all environmental and electrical parameters, allowing the monitoring and control of many projectors over a simple RS485 link from a central location.

Tempest projector enclosures are compatible with all major projector manufactures and do not compromise a manufacturer’s warranty.