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Increased noise immunity for optical clarity and performance

Unveiling a new range of multi-touch controllers, Zytronic is aiming to raise the bar for design, speed, accuracy and performance of large-format touchscreens.

In response to a growing demand for all-glass fronted touchscreens with ultra-narrow borders, the new touch controller that Zytronic is launching at ISE allows touch sensors to be designed with reduced non-active borders – less than 10mm on a 55in screen.

The new ZXY500 is a controller based around a unique and proprietary ASIC. It features a higher noise immunity, allowing other technologies such as RFID, NGC and Qi wireless battery charging to be placed adjacent to, or even implemented within, the active area without impairing the touchscreen’s clarity and performance.

These technologies emit signals that can often interfere with the operation of conventional projected capacitive touchscreens; however, the controller has been designed to reduce this susceptibility.

Mark Perry, sales manager for Zytronic explained the company’s history: “Starting in 2000, Zytronic was originally a glass processing and machining company.

“Since then, we have evolved the company by taking our expertise, combining it with touch technology and developing our own electronics.

“We’re now able to offer durable, customised projected capacitive touchscreens with almost no borders, enhancing the capabilities and designs of interactive videowalls and touchtables.”