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Impact-resistant cable reels rolled out

An entire range of premade cable reels is being introduced by Procab. Designed for intensive and professional use, they are constructed using lightweight, extremely strong materials and Neutrik connectors.

The new PRX series includes audio, data and video cables, assembled on a lightweight, extremely strong and impact resistant plastic reel. The frame construction is made out of polycarbonate materials and the drum is made out of impact-resistant polyethylene. Procab claims the lightweight construction in combination with an ergonomic grip allows easy transport for mobile applications.

The range includes the PRX102, a HighFlex balanced microphone cable. The conductor section is constructed using two 24 AWG stranded conductors which are surrounded by a braided shielding, offering a high immunity against noise and interference caused by external devices.

The cable end is terminated using a male Neutrik XLR connector while the chassis side is fitted with both a male and female Neutrik XLR connector allowing linkthrough.

The same reel is used for the PRX606, a HighFlex Cat6 U/UTP cable. Both ends are terminated by male RJ45 connectors, allowing direct connection from transmitting to receiving end without any additional connections or patch cords. A connection tail of 5m (included in total reel length) is wound to the front side cable winder. The connectors are fitted with removable connector boots, allowing assembly of Neutrik Ethercon connector shells. The conductor section consists of four twisted pairs with stranded copper 24 AWG conductors with a polyethylene ‘+’ shaped separator in between.

Procab claims the combination of hard and solid inner jacket materials and soft outer jacket materials provides great flexibility with a solid touch even after numerous times of winding and unwinding. The reel supports 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, 1000Base-T and 10GBase-T gigabit.

Other reels in the series include the PRX350, a 110 ohm DMX-AES cable, the PRX107 cable reel with 75 ohm coaxial cable, and the PRX222 reel, with stereo balanced cable.

Stand: 7-M176