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Hanshin delivers more seating for the smart meeting

Hanshin’s Smart Table can seat up to 10 people


A range of products on the Hanshin stand aim to provide one-stop ODM/OEM services to customers, including custom design, development and manufacturing covering interactive education, smart conference, and smart retail solutions.

The Interactive Education Solution aims to improve classroom atmosphere and interactivity between students and teachers, in order to enhance students’ learning ability and their motivation toward learning. Products include an interactive whiteboard, a multi-touch panel, a voting system, a document camera and a projector, among other audio-visual components.

To simplify and streamline technology in meeting rooms, Hanshin is launching an all-in-one Smart Meeting Table, including full cord management, video and audio conference equipment and touchpanel displays, which support wireless sharing. The Smart Table can provide seating for up to 10 people.

The Smart Retail Solution aims to bring the O2O (online to offline) concept to market, in order to increase marketing opportunities and reduce business operation cost for customers. Products includes a vending machine with a 125cm LED touchscreen, alongside a range of different kiosks, depending on customer needs.