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[email protected] links manufacturers to distributors

ISE 2016 is premiering an event designed to bring together manufacturers looking for new distributors and vice versa. The M2D Networking Event – sponsored by Green Hippo – will take place at the Café Amsterdam from 14:00 (in the Diamond Lounge) on the last day of the show as part of the [email protected] 2016 exhibitor and visitor engagement programme.

M2D is provided by ISE as an annual service for exhibitors. Fixed screed displays situated in the Business Lounge; Entrance K and the Ruby Lounge near the Forum will display details of manufacturers looking for new and additional distributors of their products and services.

The M2D event will welcome manufacturers looking for new distributors and distributors looking for new product lines to add to their range. If you, as a manufacturer or distributor, would like to take part simply turn up on the day. Registration is not required.

Manufacturers looking to expand into new territories or adapt their approach to an existing market will have the opportunity to communicate their needs and connect with potential distributors. Likewise, distributors looking to grow their product portfolio and distributed brands can link up with manufacturers that are relevant to their aims.

On entry, M2D Networking Event guests will be given identification with D (for distributor) or M (for manufacturer) on it and in different colours. The stickers can also be used to get a complimentary drink.

The M2D Networking Event will take place Friday 12 February 2016 at 14:00-16:00, Café Amsterdam, RAI.