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Fox & Hound chases down 8K problems

A time-saving testing tool, the Fox & Hound from Murideo is getting an 8K upgrade. The new unit can support HDMI 2.1 8K resolutions and timings. 

Fox & Hound is claimed to be able to hunt down any troubled HDMI/video issues throughout a distributed system, making sure techs can get on-site, fix the problem quickly, and get on to the next job.

Users can simply put the generator in place of the source and set the analyser in place of the sink. The two units will then read the data being sent throughout the system. 

The Fox & Hound’s generator can alter its signal type to produce any signal found from today’s sources. This gives integrators the ability to test new or existing HDMI infrastructure (cabling, extenders, amplifiers) against the types of signals it will receive in the real world. This should diminish calls to support and replacement of products. Troubleshooting is simplified, and it is quick, promising to give an answer to a potential problem in less than a minute.