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Expanding horizons

A first-time exhibitor at ISE, eve audio is excited to present its new SC3070 ultra compact near/midfield monitor.

Asked why the brand has chosen 2020 as its debut year, sales and marketing manager Kerstin Mischke said: “The main reason is we have a new product we launched four weeks ago at another trade show in the US, but it’s the first time we’ve showcased this new product in Europe.

Designed and assembled in Berlin, the SC3070 is a high-resolution, tri-amplified near/mid field monitor optimised for precise mid-range and powerful bass response. This three-way monitor delivers precise mid-range reproduction of the larger SC407’s mid-high section with exceptional balance and low distortion over the entire frequency range, but in a much more compact cabinet. The SC3070 is suited to recording, mastering and home studios applications where the complete skill set of a fully-fledged three-way system is required, but where space is at a premium.

Mischke added: “Although the studio monitor maybe doesn’t fit 100% with the portfolio of ISE, we’ve noticed that more and more potential new customers of ours come here. From the visitors we’ve had so far, we’ve had good leads and good talks.”