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Evacuation system is EN54-16 certified

The Mondo ET System is the ideal solution for alarm messages for the evacuation of buildings, according to its manufacturer Tutondo, and can also be used for microphone paging and background music. It is EN54-16 certified and is designed for deployment in evacuation systems that are UNI ISO7240-19 and EN60849 compliant.

The MET8CV4 main unit is designed for connecting four single lines (or double lines with optional interface). It has a built-in microphone and features pre-recorded messages that can be activated from the front panel or remotely, with the possibility of sending messages/calls simultaneously to multiple zones.

The MET8CV8 supports eight single lines, and supports four monitored analogue inputs, eight unmonitored analogue inputs, two digital audio inputs and 16 monitored ‘trigger’ inputs for activating events.

The METCUBE compact main unit comes complete with power supply, power amplifiers, monitoring and display system, and is designed for connecting up to eight power amplifier (zones). Finally, the MET6CB monitoring unit provides a 100Ah battery charger for up to six power supplies.