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Easier network connection for presenters

A new peripheral has been added to the wePresent platform, and is being demonstrated on the company’s ISE 2017 stand. PresentSense is a proximity-based Bluetooth gateway that allows users to connect to nearby wePresent units even more quickly. It uses a Bluetooth dongle in compatible wePresent units in conjunction with the native Bluetooth capability present in many computers and mobile devices.

wePresent presentation gateways equipped with PresentSense will automatically detect nearby Bluetooth-enabled presentation devices, allowing the software to take a ‘fast track’ to connecting
to the closest receiver.

This will, according to the company, effectively eliminate guesswork on networks where many wePresent units are connected.

Coupled with the SharePod, the PresentSense is said to provide wePresent with an even higher level of user-friendliness, especially for guest presenters, as a Bluetooth-enabled device can be connected far more quickly than navigating the network. The company says it is ideal for buildings with many conference rooms or classrooms, where the preferred wePresent receiver is listed in a drop-down menu of all wePresent systems.

“We are very excited about adding PresentSense to our wireless presentation offerings,” says Eva Cannon, director of marketing for wePresent. “This completely takes the guesswork out of connecting to a user’s preferred wePresent system, and since it is a simple Bluetooth USB, there are no extra installation hassles.”
Stand: 11-A129