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Dante card adds low-latency links to Eclipse-HX matrix

Several new products have hit the Clear-Com stand at ISE 2017, including a new belt pack for the HelixNet Partyline system, which can be run on power over Ethernet IP lines back to the main station.

“This is really helpful for productions and theatres where you don’t want to drop mic cables everywhere,” said director of product management Simon Browne. “You just find the nearest access point and it gets back to the main station – its very easy to deploy.”

The belt pack itself is styled the same as Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II belt pack, “It’s very robust, simple to use and very ergonomic,” explained Browne. The company has also simplified the approach to delivering intercom and audio signal routing over IP by introducing built-in 4-wire audio with GPIO connections can link over an IP network or the internet.

For Browne, a key launch for ISE 2017 is the new Dante card for the Eclipse-HX matrix.“This gives us up to 64 ports of low latency audio and high quality links to audio consoles. Or we can use it ourselves to connect matrixes together in a network if we want
to expand.”

The cards feature channel quantity, health and sample rate indicators, primary and secondary RJ-45 or fibre connections and supports third party AES67 interfaces.

As an added function, Clear-com users can take the labels in the system and send them automatically on the metadata tothe key panels.

Stand: 7-K180