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Compact introduction to X-Line Advance

The first wave of products presented in the new X-Line Advance family includes the X1-212/90, a compact 12in vertical line-array loudspeaker system.

Electro-Voice claims it is ideal for small- and mid-sized applications including houses of worship, local/regional rental companies, corporate events, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Though approximately a third smaller in size than systems typically used in these environments, the X1 is designed to deliver superior audio performance and higher output, says the company, meaning fewer units are required to achieve desired results and lowering install costs.

The X1 offers EV-engineered transducers in the form of the SMX2121 12in woofer, and new ND2R high-performance 2in HF compression drivers. It has enhanced Hydra plane-wave generators in the shape of Mid-Band Hydra (MBH) for box coupling and Wavefront-Shaping Circular Hydra (WCH) for extended linear HF performance.

Its compact size allows arrays of up to 24 elements, with passive or biamp operation selected via an internal connector. Designed for a clean, streamlined appearance, the enclosure dimensions are optimised for more efficient packing and transit.

The X1 comes with built-in proprietary hardware designed to enable a smaller crew to setup/teardown faster and more safely, in around half the time of a typical line-array system deployment. An EV-designed dolly system also saves time and manpower, says the company, serving a dual purpose as a transport and array assembly platform.

Stand: 7-M176