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Clear and configurable approach to comms

Different components of the xepton-NX system can be combined to suit different applications

Debuting at ISE 2020 is the xepton-NX digital radio transmission system from Humantechnik/AUDIOropa, which offers flexibility of configuration to suit a wide range of moderation and communication applications.

High quality and extensive transmission range are among the cited features of xepton-NX, which is said to be suitable for applications ranging from unidirectional tour guide and interpreter applications to professional dialogue and intercom environments.

Delivering what Humantechnik/AUDIOropa describes as rich and lively transmission of sound and speech, the system comprises a transmitter, two receiver types, a beltpack and stethoscope receiver, as well as a transceiver unit for portable dialogue applications. A stationary transmitter is also available.

The company notes that the pocket receivers enable the connection of all commercially available headphones and earphones, while it is also possible to connect an inductive neck loop. The latter allows transmission directly to hearing aids or cochlear implant systems that are equipped with a T-coil.

The menu of the devices, which can be called up via the display, is controlled with the use of three buttons.

Both application types – unidirectional and bidirectional – allow simultaneous communication in different groups.