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Clear-Com boosts communications for Virginia-based laser tag company

DX210 Digital Wireless system makes communication safer and more efficient in loud, chaotic laser tag arenas

When it came time for Virginia-based laser tag company Mission Laser to purchase a comms system to communicate effectively with staff and customers, director of operations and sales Trip Roberts turned to Clear-Com’s DX210 Digital Wireless System comprising a two-channel communication base system and lightweight all-in-one WH220 wireless headset.

“I was looking for ways to help my team become more efficient, and my first step was to address our communications system both inside and outside of the arena,” Trip said. “I worked with Clear-Com systems before when I was managing a Laser Quest facility, so when it came time to purchase a comms system for Mission Laser, the choice was clear.”

The Clear-Com system was an instant “upgrade” over the walkie-talkies the staff previously used, offering “exceptional” sound clarity and interference-free communications with the option of a single or dual-channel intercom system in Mission Laser’s demanding environment. The DX210 can also run in ISO intercom mode of operation, so communications can be routed directly to the facility’s indoor and outdoor speakers, perfect for customer announcements.

“The walkie-talkies created many frustrating challenges since it was a single-channel system where only one person could speak at a time,” Trip added. “They were, of course, the more affordable choice, but they had such a limited range and lots of clarity and interference issues. Dedicated comms is really the way to go for this type of environment.”

Upgrading its critical communications was certainly a core goal, but so was the ease of use and operation of the devices by the crew, who are often team members unfamiliar with professional-grade communication systems. DX210 base stations and extender antennas are placed in “mission control” mode and integrated seamlessly with Mission Laser’s house audio system. The Clear-Com headsets are lightweight and comfortable to wear, yet rugged and reliable – an important feature in a fast-paced and physically active business. Plus, they allow staff to keep their hands free for other on-the-job tasks, and most importantly, provide superior sound quality and word recognition, which is critical in a loud laser tag environment.

“Being able to communicate in a more controlled and coherent way also takes away a fair amount of stress for our crew, improving overall productivity and fun on the job,” Trip continued. After their shifts, each team member can simply hang up their headsets, set the batteries on chargers, and the equipment is all set for the next shift to start.

“If I’m working in front of the house, I can easily troubleshoot any issues with my team without having to physically go to them,” Trip concluded. “Precise communications are an essential component of our day-to-day business running smoothly. The Clear-Com technology gives our busy staff the freedom and flexibility they need to manage the games, gather customer groups, work more efficiently, and ultimately offer better customer service. We couldn’t be doing what we’re doing so well without this Clear-Com technology.”

Mission Laser offers interactive laser tag gaming experiences in Richmond, Virginia, and Charlotte, North Carolina, with a third arena opening soon.