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Cisco release first five-stream conferencing system at ISE 2015

The new Cisco TelePresence IX5000 is claimed to be the first single-codec, H.265 triple-screen conferencing system. It is also the only product to support five simultaneous streams (three video and two data) so that users can share two content sources during a call.

Besides combining high-fidelity audio/video and rich collaboration functionality, it also aims to be less costly and easy to deploy, boasting zero room remediation and half the installation time, power, and bandwidth (thanks to using H.265) for much lower TCO.

It includes a triple Ultra HD camera cluster, three HD 70in LCD screens (for real-size, lifelike remote meeting participation), and theatre-quality audio, and is available in two configurations: the single-row, six-seat IX5000 system (with 18 discrete microphones), and the dual-row, 18-seat, 54-microphone IX5200 system.

Integrated lights help ensure high-quality video capture without the need for costly installation, and the system is designed for software and hardware stability to ensure enterprise-grade reliability. Each seating position has individual power and network connections.

It supports simple scheduling through Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Domino calendar services, enabling Cisco’s one-button-to-push meeting start feature. A 10in touch tablet provides an easy-to-use interface, although hard keys are included for basic operations, such as volume and mute. One Touch 10 tablet is included, but nine tablets can be supported.

Stand: 9-C121