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AVIXA expands on Awards schemes at ISE 2020

AVIXA – the Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association – is launching its Digital Art Challenge (DAC) at ISE 2020. The contest, which will run through to ISE 2021, is designed to celebrate the incredible talent and skills of content creators by drawing a spotlight on the art and artists used in AV projects.

A contest for excellence in art and technology
There is a famous saying that says “Content is King”. This is as true in the audiovisual world as it is in every other human experience arena. Creative content designers are the storytellers behind the scenes bringing AV systems to life in public and entertainment venues around the world. The pairing of creative content and AV technology is vital to create these amazing integrated experiences.

Being recognised as an AVIXA DAC winner will demonstrate on an international stage the calibre of your work and talents. Each winner’s work will be prominently showcased in the AVIXA DAC pavilion at the ISE 2021 trade show in Barcelona where we will employ amazing interactive technology and large screen LED walls to enhance the impact and experience. Whether you are a design student, design school, freelancer, or design firm we encourage you to enter the contest with your own original work for a chance to shine.

New Awards scheme to recognise exceptional integration
In addition to the AVIXA Digital Art Challenge, the AVIXA Professional Excellence Awards were created to acknowledge projects that exemplify innovative integration of content, space and audiovisual technology that enrich experiences.

“Audiovisual technology has the power to enhance how we experience the world around us – from how we shop, bank, attend sporting events, check into hotels, and so much more,” said Dan Goldstein, chief marketing officer of AVIXA. “We created the Professional Excellence Awards to applaud the remarkable ways professionals are designing and applying AV technology to a multitude of diverse environments.”

Award winners for the inaugural Professional Excellence Awards will be announced at InfoComm Las Vegas on 17 June.