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Dugan to reveal three new products with automatic mic mixing at ISE

Three new products featuring automatic microphone mixing technology will be unveiled at ISE 2015, adding MADI I/O and Dante I/O capabilities as well as a physical interface to the Dugan range.

Dugan products are intended for use with multiple live microphones in broadcast talk shows, corporate meetings, educational settings, live theatre and other applications. The products are not mixers in themselves, instead they are accessories to sound mixing consoles and patch into the input insert points of a mixing console, giving the board operator all of the features of the board such as EQ and sends along with automatic mixing.

The Dugan Model M uses MADI I/O. It provides 32 channels of Dugan auto-mixing at 96k or 64 channels at 48k. Equipped with PoE, it is housed in a half rack case. The Dugan Model N offers Dante I/O and will supply 32 channels at 96k or 64 channels at 48k along with PoE , also in a half rack case.

The Dugan Model K is a physical interface for all networkable Dugan products. It gives the user physical buttons for controlling a system made up of any number of Dugan units.

The company claimed its technologies provide the best mix of live mics, providing fast, transparent cross-fades without up-cutting, choppy sound or shifts in background noise. Transitions between talkers are consistent no matter how many mics are open.

Stand: 7-C174