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AoIP benefits for enhanced PA system

An updated range of devices in FoneStar’s AIP family are being launched at the show.

The family is composed of three main devices: AIP-4010, an IP audio transmitter for using external devices as an audio source; AIP-3010, an IP audio receiver for controlling each audio zone; and the AIP-1010 IP call station, for system control and making voice announcements.

Using the Fonestar AIP-4010 transmitters, users can access audio channels from local files or folders in a computer, or work with internet radio via streaming and external sources. Users can also set different zones, manage background music, or broadcast programmed and instant messages as well as alarms and voice messages.

The AIP-3010 receiver has a line level audio output to connect any type of power amplifier and offers streaming audio using LAN-based multicast, which allows sharing of the LAN with multiple services.

The AIP-1010 call station allows users to manage the whole system and also provides communication with other AIP-1010 systems.