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Affordable signage for retail security

The first ever showing of the DSS-1000 digital signage player is taking place at ISE 2017, where first-time exhibitor LevelOne hopes to catch the eye of retail visitors seeking an affordable digital signage solution that addresses not only their advertising goals, but also their security concerns.

The device, working with one of the company’s HDMI extenders and a Windows PC-based CMS solution, enables retailers to play up to 9×9 images on up to 250 displays simultaneously, using feeds from live IP surveillance cameras alongside other files playing ads, movies, slide shows and promotions, all of which can be scheduled.

“We come from the IT space and we see an opportunity to help retailers maximise their screens at the point of sale,” said Marian Häke, technical salesperson at LevelOne.

“Usually, video surveillance to prevent theft is shown on a small screen. Our solution allows you to combine your surveillance activities and theft prevention with product promotions in a very affordable manner. So far, we have had some very high quality conversations with ISE visitors about DSS-1000.”

The company also provides security cameras and analogue to IP camera conversion technology.

Stand: 8-K216