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4K Quadview KVM for remote control over IP

With KVM control and capable of 4K at 60Hz 4:4:4 video processing over IP in full view and quad view, Partilink’s new VP-KM41 Quadview KVM processor makes it simple for administrators to control, switch and monitor a four PC/server system remotely across a LAN, WAN or the internet. 

Users can check and control four servers and computers on one screen simultaneously, switching via mouse hotkey, web UI and/or keyboard commands. Up to five units can be cascaded, to link up to 16 HDMI host devices controlled by one keyboard and mouse.

Partilink claims the KM41 is ideal for applications at control centres, small scale power plants, IT and lab administration, or any workstation requiring remote control and monitoring of multiple 4K servers.

The unit features four USB-B connections, four HDMI 2.0 inputs (plus one output), two USB-A keyboard/mouse ports, RS232 and Ethernet connections, and a stereo audio output.