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Clear-Com rolls out new virtual desktop client

Clear-Com has announced that its new Station-IC virtual desktop client is now available, while its premium CC-28 headset is now shipping

Communications specialist Clear-Com has made a couple of announcements today, the first being the availability of its Station-IC virtual desktop client. Station-IC is a software application for Mac and Windows and is now available for the LQ Series of IP interface devices as well as Clear-Com’s Eclipse Digital intercom Matrix.

The company said that the full integration with LQ interfaces offers “channel-based routing which allows Station-IC to connect to Clear-Com’s Encore Partyline systems, TW Partyline, HelixNet, two-way radios, SIP telephone lines, GPIO signalling and to any other intercom, or audio, system via four-wire”. 

Station-IC allows LQ users to assign up to 24 channels with individual talk and listen keys and level control as well as optional call signal, LQ Network control events and remote mic kill keys for the individual channel. 

“So many of our users have fully embraced the versatility of the LQ Series of IP Interfaces, and we are pleased to be able to offer the Station-IC software to what has grown into a very substantial user base,” said Kari Eythorsson, product manager, Clear-Com. “We look forward to seeing the many ways in which our user community will implement Station-IC now that it’s available for LQ.”

In other news, the company has announced that its new CC-28 lightweight headset is now shipping. The CC-28 is designed to be comfortable and easy to use, and features enhanced audio quality with a frequency response up to 14kHz. It features a 4-pin XLR connector and is a lightweight, single-ear headset with an over-the-head design and a flexible gooseneck microphone.

The headset’s dynamic microphone can be muted by moving the microphone boom; rotating it up will mute the microphone while rotating down in front of the mouth will un-mute the microphone. The CC-28 is the functional replacement of the CC-26k lightweight headset, said the company.