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Cardi B takes on the world with Avolites Ai in Control

Cardi B has been going from strength to strength since her debut onto the scene and last summer she took her eclectic show across the globe including stints in Nigeria and Ghana. Behind the production was a team of experienced video operators using Avolites Ai to control the show.

The production relied heavily on dynamic video content, created by a variety of design houses. The tour itself was a mixture festivals and large arena shows of varying size therefore it was a vital the system was flexible and powerful to provide the best performance in all situations. Avolites Ai was the ideal choice as the media platform due to its flexibility and rock solid reliability.

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Zachary Burton of IKONIX, who worked on many of the tour dates including the UK shows, has been using Ai for a number of years. “Ai has performed flawlessly.” Burton explained. “IKONIX has a long history with AI and its flexibility with timecode / output mapping, artnet and midi control which has been a massive help. Flexibility is key on shows like these.” Burton used the Avolites Ai Miami license on a running Ai V11 on a laptop for the shows, giving him a powerful yet portable set up. “The show has been stable and running up 3 outputs from the laptop, it’s been a solid platform.”

Avolites will be releasing Ai v12.1 with the Pioneer PRO DJ LINK Bridge integration software in the Spring.