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‘World’s brightest’ projector, fun with Microsoft Teams, public address system gets upgrade…

Today's tech round up looks at Digital Projection's 'world's brightest' projector, Microsoft Teams updates, and LDA making its ONE a v2...

‘World’s brightest’ single chip laser projector

Digital Projection has announced the launch of what it calls the “world’s brightest single chip DLP laser phosphor projector”, the 23,000 Lumen M-Vision 23000.

Features include 23,000 lumens output and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, to bring “budget-sensitive applications a large-screen imaging solution and near 3-Chip performance at a 1-Chip price point”.

The projector is lamp-free and laser-phosphor and comes with ColorBoost + Red Laser technology. The company says that it is suitable for venues requiring powerful but affordable large-format imagery without sacrificing colour accuracy (including those contending with ambient light). Its DisplayPort accepts frame rates up to 60 Hz and HDMI 1.4b for side by side, frame packing and top/bottom 3D formats.

“The introduction of the M-Vision 23000 is another leap forward in single-chip technology,” said Chris Axford, Digital Projection’s international sales and marketing director. “Digital Projection established itself as the leader in this growing segment with the introduction of the world’s first large venue Laser Phosphor product in 2014. Our latest development demonstrates our continued commitment to providing cost effective projectors without compromise across our full product range.”

The M-Vision 2300 will be shipping in November 2020.

Microsoft unveils Teams updates 

Having taken a look at Google’s new hardware range for its Google Meets environment last week, this week we’ve seen Microsoft unveil updates of its own for its Teams platform.

Images courtesy of Microsoft

One of the quirkiest, no doubt an attempt to combat ‘Zoom fatigue’, is the new Together mode screens, which breaks away from the standard grid view to offer ‘scenes’ in which you can host meetings – from the gif rolling away to your left, you can see these vary between ‘coffee shop’, ‘theatre’, and ‘Blankety Blank’ (or insert favourite game show here).

Later in the year, users will also be able to use custom layouts where, for example, presenters can appear in front of their PowerPoint slides by way of super-imposition, much like how a weatherperson interacts with their regional maps on TV (sort of).

Breakout rooms is another notable addition, which is due for release in October. Much like physical breakout spaces, these will allow meeting organisers to split up meeting participants into smaller groups to facilitate brainstorming sessions or workgroup discussions. Presenters will have the ability to move between breakout rooms, make announcements to all breakout rooms, and/or close the breakout rooms that then bring everybody back into the main meeting. Pretty useful functionality, particularly for distance learning sessions incorporating large groups of people of differing ability/experience/needs, etc.

There are plenty of other updates, including ‘touchless meeting experiences’, Teams Panels (mounted outside physical spaces), and webinar registration and reporting. More info can be found here.

LDA Audio Tech upgrades ONE to a v2

LDA Audio Tech has announced an ‘evolution’ of its LDA ONE EN 54 public address and voice evacuation system. 

The LDA ONE v2 is an expandable solution through a proprietary ring with standard UTP wiring, following a major firmware update developed by the company’s R&D department. The system complies with the EN 54-16 standard, and set-up only requires one expansion card per system, adding it to the master device to close the UTP cabling ring.

The system is configured for use in multi-zone installations and those with variable power, such as office blocks, schools, medical centres and hotels.